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Our customer service

We deliver our services to a high standard. The lines of contact at Dasko are short; direct contact with the person responsible is normal at our company.

Vehicle fleet

Truck spotters frequently photograph our beautiful trucks. Our vehicles stand out because of their blue iceberg design. Our equipment is new, well maintained and complies with the latest requirements.

‘We set high demands on quality that we

safeguard in our daily operations’

Meije Smink, Operational Manager


We transport food products on a daily basis. Food safety is therefore an important item in our daily operations, which is evidenced by our various certifications.


Sustainability is at the core of our company. We actively work on CO2 reduction and pay attention to the environment.

Knowledge about refrigerated transport

Our drivers and employees are specialised in refrigerated transport. Cooling engines, refrigerated trailers and transporting food products are included in our normal daily operations.